Last weekend went by offered one of the great experiences I had in this country. Friends, sandwiches, snacks, wine, poker, lake, beautiful weather – all packed into one and it culminated into a fantastic summer picnic in the gorgeous Central Park amidst the hustle bustle of the “New York” city.

I have never been a fan of picnicking even in my childhood days. No..seriously! I believe everyone is different. But this was truly fantastic and it clearly goes as one of the best memories I will take away from this country.

Central Park sprawls across 840 acres at the center of the beautiful Manhattan. It makes me wonder how they manage to maintain this lush green in between the man made concrete skyscrapers. To me New York was initially a kind of concrete jungle with tall buildings and state of architecture all around. During weekends they block the vehicles traffic and the roads become the delight of joggers and bikers (they call it bikes here instead of cycles) to enjoy the fresh air.

A group of closed friends decided to soak into the start of the summers. So we ended up deciding to do this central park thing. Did some basic preparation – sandwiches, snacks, water cooler and poker and off we took the PATH train from Jersey to the City and a small cab ride to reach the destination. Now, Central Park has so many different areas where you can lay down your blanket and picnic basket. We picked up a beautiful spot near the man-made lake and the famous “Bow Bridge”. Now for those who love romantic flicks, you will find number of romantic shots taken on this bridge from popular movies such as “You have got a mail”, “Maid in Manhattan”.

5 hours flew by endless chit chats, people watching, and playing poker. Alcohol is technically prohibited in this park, but we managed to sip in some delicious wine under the wraps. We plan to do this one more time before summers fades away.


Beat the summers!

This summer would be one exciting time I am looking forward to. Coupled with my parents first ever trip outside India, there are some adventures planned as well – 4 miles mud race, bungee jumping, hiking and camping, and if time permits snorkeling.  And yes of course world’s largest roller coaster is on the cards as well.

A few must do to activities in summers are not forgotten– beaches, biking, barbecue, tennis and the list goes on.

Tomorrow we plan to do a picnic session with close friends in Central Park in New York. We have also rented a bike for a couple of hours to burn some calories and enjoy the scenic Central Park.

Preliminary preparations are on for parents visit. 8 weekends and all weekends are already planned. Just realizing that 8 weekends are not enough as well. One weekend dedicated to the mecca of Indians visiting US – Niagara Falls. Another one to show them the symbol of freedom what United States of America stands for – Statue of Liberty. Next what we call as the face of US – White House and Capitol Hill. And a few things here and there. It would be exciting to show them the culture and lifestyle here.

That’s pretty much! 🙂

I am still alive ;)

I had been contemplating for a long time to get back here.  I mean “really long time”. It is like coming back home.  The first thing I did was to scroll through all my previous posts and comments. Truly Nostalgic!! Friends I made here and now I feel how much I missed all your thoughts and writings.

Well..a lot has changed in these two years..I have been happily married (yes…happily married is not a myth)…got a couple of promotions…have definitely become wiser..and yes more responsible of course …travelled so many places..tried so many different things…some good some bad experiences.

Parents visiting this summers from India. Finally they will take their maiden foreign visit and I am glad my wife and I are able to work out their visas and travel plan. Looking forward to spending some quality family time together.

What else…yes…have gained weight…and now actively working out to cut out that flab as we look forward to hitting the beaches this summers.

Hope everyone is having a great time and sun is always shining bright in their life. I miss you guys, but I dint miss out on reading your scribbling. Adios!

Its like coming back home after ages. This is my own place, my own world. The feeling is strange because I had the option to be here but still chose to stay away. Reason – I don’t know. Its just that never felt the urge to come back here.

Thank you so much Shas, Rani, Niliema and others for dropping in and asked me to come back. Frankly it feels nice when someone wants to read what you write. Someone whom we have never met, never spoke but still knows that there is definitely an element of friendship, a tinge of acquaintance and that means a lot to me.

Lately I have not been writing nor visiting my favorite blogs. After a while I stopped even checking my blog stats; something I have been so obsessed with when I started blogging. Strange it is, but now the numbers of blog hits are so insignificant. What is significant are comments below and once again I thank you everyone.

A lot has changed over these five months since I posted my last post. A lot! I have finally settled in everyway possible here. Work has been so hectic that it takes away almost 15 hours of the day. Weekends are just left with chores, coking food, completing pending works. Don’t get me worng..I am not complaining at all. I am glad that I got this opportunity. I learnt cooking, I learnt to be more self dependent. And the feeling is amazing when you know that you have started doing things which you never thought you will be. Meeting with so many people from various cultures is truly an experience. It changes the way you see things in life.

I am still not sure how frequent I will be here but I can say that it feels great to be at your own place. My thoughtworld!

(Edited to add – I just realized the pictures are not in full view. May be I need to reduce the size…and I am too tired now to resize every pictures! 🙂  Will do it later.  Sorry folks! )

I have been thinking to write this post since the time I first visited NYC. I have been mesmerized by the sheer aura of this city…the hustle-bustle..the maddening crowd walking their way pushing each other…the traffic snarls..the mammoth building..the spirit of the people. 

Whether it is day or night..this city never stops. In its truest sense, NYC is the city that never sleeps.  I was dashed when I saw the Manhattan..The Statue of Liberty..The Brooklyn Bridge…The Times Square…The Ground Zero..The Empire State Building. All these things I read about in books and only saw in movies.

I wanted to capture every places I saw..every emotions oozed out of people..the charisma of the vicinity. But it was just not possible to capture everything in pictures.

I am putting some random pictures which I just clicked out of whim.  I know these pictures are not that great…but this is all I have!

Manhattan across the Hudson River

9/11 Memorial

The New York Times

Madame Tussauds

Chase Bank at Times Square

The Fall..and the Despondency!

I never realized the significance of weather/season until I landed here. They say the weather influence almost every aspect of your daily life. And the time just before the bitter winter (The Fall) really make the vicinity despondent. Why not?! Even I felt so.

However, I cant wait for the snow fall. My first ever snow fall and I am excited about it! 🙂

Have a look:

I find myself in a situation I am not liking it. I realize this change in me which is annoying! I have always been a work-oriented guy and would be happy if I have been swamped with work. More the work the happier I am. However, in these last few months my attitude toward this is changing. I don’t feel like working anymore. I am now plagued with Monday blues which was apparently never been a part of my dictionary. Even when I am at work, I just find ways to either avoid it or do it unwillingly. It is unnerving me as I always feel guilty of not putting my hundred percent.

I remember the first conversation with my boss the day I joined this new office. He told me that there is loads of expectation from me and there have been several recommendations about my work. And after a month his words were – “Don’t wait for me to tell you what work you have to do. Cant you pull this up Amrit?!  This is not enough output for one day Amrit!” 😦

I never had to push myself when it comes to work. Now everything is changing. My attitude is changing. I speak with myself that I need to bounce back and get the same spark! Comeon Amrit…you always did it and it is the time to do it again. Yes! I will do it for sure. I just hope this is a phase.