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This summer would be one exciting time I am looking forward to. Coupled with my parents first ever trip outside India, there are some adventures planned as well – 4 miles mud race, bungee jumping, hiking and camping, and if time permits snorkeling.  And yes of course world’s largest roller coaster is on the cards as well.

A few must do to activities in summers are not forgotten– beaches, biking, barbecue, tennis and the list goes on.

Tomorrow we plan to do a picnic session with close friends in Central Park in New York. We have also rented a bike for a couple of hours to burn some calories and enjoy the scenic Central Park.

Preliminary preparations are on for parents visit. 8 weekends and all weekends are already planned. Just realizing that 8 weekends are not enough as well. One weekend dedicated to the mecca of Indians visiting US – Niagara Falls. Another one to show them the symbol of freedom what United States of America stands for – Statue of Liberty. Next what we call as the face of US – White House and Capitol Hill. And a few things here and there. It would be exciting to show them the culture and lifestyle here.

That’s pretty much! 🙂


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The tag lover Rani tagged me to do this.

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch: 

So You Think You Can Dance


Knight Rider

Sach Ka Saamna

Dance India Dance

World’s Most Amazing Video

Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai

Award Shows


8 Favorite Places to Eat: 

Basera (Chennai)

Barbeque Nation (Chennai)

Chacha ke Chole Bathure (Delhi)

Momo’s Point (Delhi)

Mash (Chennai)

Big Chill (Delhi)

Chaitanya Parantha (Pune)

Flavors Sandwich (Pune)


8 Things That Happened Yesterday: 

Down with Fever 😦

Had dinner with friends outside

Posted one new post on my blog

Watched the movie “The Proposal”

Watched “Rock On” as well

Broke one glass

Thought about her

Updated my Ipod songs


8 Things I Look Forward To: 

My fever to just vanish

Read “P.S I Love You”

Cheese Omlette and Guinness Beer

Visit to my hometown

Get an amazing appraisal and salary increment even in such a tough time

There is something which I had waited for few months now..will write about it soon


8 Things I Love About Winter:

The Sun


Fog..the chill

My nose getting red

Clothes – jacket, sweat-shirt

Hot cups of chai..cup after cup

Getting cozy 🙂

Warm water shower


8 Things on my Wish List:

Fulfill my dreams

New Jersey

I wish I could dance amazingly well

Learn Guitar (Been thinking for quite sometime)

Quit the nicotine stick

Keep my parents happy

Complete revamped wardrobe with terrific collection


8 Things I’m Passionate About :










8 Words or Phrases I Use Often:

Amazing (This is so prominent that my friends have now started teasing me)

oh yeah!





Its okay..no issues buudy

Loads of hindi slangs! 🙂


8 Things I Have Learned From My Past: 

Don’t be an emotional fool

Sometime you have to just let it go

Things are always not meant for you.

Grieving is a very important part to overcome things

Be Strong…things will come your way.

Do not ignore basic facts about anyone.

Life is too short to indulge in unnecessary things

The time when two of us were together..is our time and no one can take that away..and I always cherish that!


8 Places I Would Love to Go or See or Visit:










8 Things I Currently Need or Want: 

a full body massage

A sexy lunch

Amazing collection of PS Games

A new hair-do

Plasma TV

To spend quality time with my parents

To drink Jack Daniels with my brother

A sexy date 🙂


 Now, my folks…its your turn!  🙂  I tag Shilpa, Sheba, Indyeah, Pawan, UL, Sakshi, Nishi (If you still love doing tags 🙂 ) , Neilima (Since you already did the last tag…this is the new one for you 🙂 ), Saima (again with the disclamier that if you get time..please do this tag).

It would be great if anyone else who liked this tag, can take it up.

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A noisy ringtone jolted me up from my deep slumber.

“Hello”, I mumbled. I was too sleepy to even open my eyes and glance at the flashing number.


“Hello”. I uttered again, a little louder this time. There was no voice on the other side. I was about to hang up when I heard the sound of long & deep breaths. There is definitely someone on the other side. I slightly opened my eyes. I heard the breathing sound again. Its familiar, it is so much familiar! But I was unable to recollect. I let it go and asked, “Who is there”?

“Hi”, a female voice echoed.

“Hi. May I know who this is?”

“I know its been really long, but I am sure you can never forget this voice.”

I was stunned. Of course I recognized this voice.  I was too stupefied to react immediately. I waited for my nerves to calm down.

 “ I don’t know I should have called you or not, but if I wouldn’t I would have regretted my whole life. I will not play around with words and will confess with pure heart. I am sorry; I walked away from your life without giving any reasons. I dint have the courage to face you, I dint have the strength to answer your questions. Its been 3 years now and there had not been a single day I dint think about you. You there?

My voice quivered. It cracked. I managed to say yes.

“Before you ask me why I left, let me tell you that it was entirely my mistake. I judged you wrong, I judged our relationship wrong. I felt we were not at the same level. But I was too scared to tell it to you, I was afraid you will break down and I would not be able to take it. You being in front of me would have made me weak.

I never forgot you. You have always been there with me. I realized that there could be only one for me, and it is you. I want to be there with you for my entire life. Please forgive me and accept me. I know how selfish this can be. But you loved me so much and I know you still love me. Don’t you love me?”

I could hear her sobbing. I know her better than I knew myself. And I know that she really feels what she is saying. I vividly remembered how a single tear in her eyes used to affect me. I cant see her cry. I still cant see tears in her eyes.

“Please don’t cry. You know I cant see you in tears.” I finally took control of me and spoke.

“I have no issues with you. I am hearing your voice after almost 3 years. And the fact is that your voice still moved me the way it used to.”

I lost my strength. I lost my voice. I found myself in tears. I couldn’t speak.

I hung up.

I believe its too late now. But the fact still remains intact. I loved her.  Do I still love her?

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Just Four Things

Shubh tagged me to do this – Just Four Things. So here I go.

It was indeed good to know more about me, and for some questions I really had to think hard..silly me..I am discovering myself through tags 🙂

Four jobs you’ve had in your life

-A utensil cleaner where I was suppose to wash utensils everytime the food was cooked (simply, coz I never knew cooking) 🙂
– A Call Centre Agent in one of the leading BPOs
– Again a Call Centre Agent in another leading BPO
– Business Analyst and Functional Consultant in one of the top IT Companies..this sounds classy..huh!!!

Four jobs you wish you had
– At one go, without any doubt, I want to be on a job (read position) where I provide job to others, generate job for others and generate employment. In short, I dream myself as an entrepreneur.
– I wish I would have been a pilot. I love exploring different places and so much want to see the entire world..and what can be better than a pilot flying toInternational destination
– During my school days, I wanted to be in NDA (National Defence Academy), simply coz gals drool over and swooned over uniform..I so much wanted to be one of them 😦
– A sportsmen; another way to see the world, make good money and find the fairer sex all smitten!! Wink..wink

Four movies you can watch over and over again
Not fair. Only four movies!!! Being a movie buff, there are innumerable movies I can watch again and again. Okay, I will do justice to this tag!
– Harry Porter Series
– Spider Man Series
– Notting Hill
– Dil Chahta Hai
………………………………there are more for this list!!

 Four cities you have lived in
– New Delhi (I am so much in love with this city and wish to go back!!)
– Pune (Lovely city..full of life)
– Mumbai (This is the city which never stops..it has its own charm)
– Chennai (The city which has taken away a lot from me..and yet given so much in return in terms of learnings, experiences and friends)

 Four TV shows you love to watch
– Hero Honda Roadies (I just love this show..its engrossing!!!)
– Boogie Woogie
– So you think you can dance
– Survivor Series

Four websites you visit daily
– Without fail..my Blog!!! 🙂
– Yahoo Mail
– Facebook
– Orkut
See…I am a social animal!! Right? Ofcourse yes!

 Four of your favorite foods
Now this one is also unfair like the list of movies…how can I fit my choices to four only!!
– Chicken Momos (Cant resist myself for this)
– Any Oriental stuff
– Dal Makhani (Dinner outside is incomplete without this)
– Simple ghar ka khana – Dal, Chawal (Rice) & Aaloo ki sabji
Damn!! I am hungry now 😉

Four things you won’t eat
– Bitter Melon (Karela)..the name itself suggest the reason
– Beef
– Poison ( he he…I an unable to recollect anything now)

 Four things you wish you could eat right now
– Chicken Momos
– Raj Kachori
– Chicken Kali Mirch Kebab
– Vada Paav

Four things in your bedroom
– Bed with mattress (ofcourse..has to be..silly me 🙂 )
– Books & Mags
– Wardrobe
– Few photo frames ( adorned with my pics 😉 )

 Four things you wish you had in your bedroom
– Samsung Split AC
– A sexy and hot Samsung High Definition TV
– Onkyo Home Theatre
– An amazing well done and beautiful bathroom

Four things I’m wearing right now
– Well..undies!!! (what a question!!! )
– Shirt & Trouser
– Silver Colored ear-stud
– My Fossil Chronograph

One place I’d rather be right now
Bangkok & Pattaya (When will I finally visit… ??!!! 😦     (How come this tag came down to “one” rather than being “four”..uff!!! )

One fictional place I’d rather be right now
The Museum where the spider resides which bit Peter Parker to make him a super-hero!

Four people you’d really love to have dinner with
– My family ofcourse
– My brother and sister-in-law, my cousins & their girl-friends
– My friends in Chennai
– Kareena Kapoor

Four things I am thinking right now
– As I just wrote the above answer, I am thinking I wish Kareena leaves Saif and come to me…gosh I love this female!
– Also, the list of movies I can watch again and again..and whining why it asked only four
– I am thinking about her! (Now, who “her” is not really to be disclosed)
– When can I finish this…loads of work piling up 😀

Four of your favorite things/people
– My family (Mom & Dad, my dids); my so called brother & closest buddy and his lovely wife!! Lucky me that I have them in my life; my cousins- Nick, Hags & their gfs ; My closest buddies – too small a space to mention about them
– My PS2
– My hard-earned watch
– Myself ( I am a self-obsessed pig) 😉

Four people I tag
Ashwin (who is in hibernation for quite some-time)
Zack (you cant be spared buddy)
By degrees (She writes real good answers)
UL ( Would like to read your answers)

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Call it my nature or my destiny, why do I always find myself caught at the wrong place?! Even if things come as an opportunity, the odds are always high against me. I completely understand and more than experienced to realize that the taste of success is much better when the odds are high. But not everytime..man!!!

Anyway, an opportunity is an opportunity. There is only one way out – take it, exploit it and do the best one can. And that what I will achieve to do.

Meanwhile, I realized how difficult it is to keep quite (read less talking)! I am down with sore throat and my voice box decided to shutdown. Result – Amrit is suffering. I am unable to speak much .and trust me its very very difficult to keep quite or speak less. Aaaarrgghhh!!!

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Its one of those sleepless nights again where sleep just refused to accept me, and in turn ignited my thinking cells. It is dark everywhere and I am staring at the ceiling. And then some weird story started forming in my mind. It started with good thoughts and somewhere in the middle went into negative (read – sad!).

 Now, once this sad part came I could not figure out anything happy in the story. There has to be a happy ending, even if the ending is not happy! I instructed my reckless brain. The laptop was on and I decided to write. I will figure out the happy ending while penning down the weird story originating from my mind, I said to myself.

 So here it goes. (I know how weirdo it is…but a thought is a thought!!!).


He woke up in silence. Was it a bad dream, he wondered! He was sweating profusely and whispered a silent prayer. His thoughts were not consolidated and conclusive. He rummaged his brain to bring out the clarity. And gradually he could figure out what was happening. It was definitely not a dream.

 He desperately started looking for something. He could see the half burnt car with black soot of smoke still emanating from it. And then it struck him. It was an accident. He was driving and she was sitting next to him. Where is she!! She must be here only. He remembered everything now. There was a brake-failure and by the time he figured out, it was too late. He looked at her and thought how much he loved her. “I have to save her”. But he dint know how!! And the next moment everything went black!

 There she was, lying next to the car. He ran to her. She was breathing and making a feeble attempt to get up. He tried helping her. But to his utter shock, he was not able to hold her. He tried holding her hand, but he couldn’t even touch her. He shouted but she is dint even look at him. He couldn’t understand whats wrong with her. Why is she not looking at him? She finally stood up and painfully walked to the other side of the car.

 She screamed and broke down into tears. He followed her, and saw himself lying in the pool of blood. He was confounded. Who is that person who looks exactly like him!

And then he realized. He was the one lying there. He now understood why he was not able to touch her, why she was not looking at him. He was no more!!

He walked to her and looked into her eyes. The pain of losing him was clearly visible. Tears rolled down from his eyes. He wanted to comfort her, hold her hand. But there is nothing he can do.

 He stared at her. She is so beautiful. And then he smiled. She is alive. And its not a dream.

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So here goes the first one down the hill.  SRK is looking to exit from IPL relinquishing KKR in its worst phase. (Read it in rediff.com). Investing loads of money in strategic business propositions just because one has it does not make one a business-man. It requires perseverance, constantly making an attempt to revamp things, make conclusive decisions, and most importantly turn around things. And to do that you have to be in there.

No one would have had witnessed the failure as our liquor baron faced last year and is still facing this year. I sincerely wish had it been only IPL, but his “Force India” team is also consistent in grabbing the last two positions in almost all the races. But he is there, after every race talks about the improvement over the last race, after every match talks about the extra advantage gained. And indeed Bangalore Royal Challenger is better than the last year…and “Force India” drivers were about to finish in top ten in few of the races!! He has the conviction in him, the real essence of business within him. I would not be surprised if Royal Challengers would be a champion sometime and Force India driver’s finishes in top ten.

I really don’t know whether SRK would be really leaving his team behind or not, I hold him in high regards for his breath-taking achievements. I would rather wish SRK to hold on as he has the ability to turn around things and he had done this before. Though this time he turned more controversies- multiple captain theory, who will become captain tiff, the coach and ex-captain tussle, etc etc 🙂

And now comes the most important part – I am interested in buying this team provided Mr. SRK fix up the right price. 😀 😀

P.S: For those who don’t know what SRK, KKR & IPL stands for…kindly don’t participate in the buying process 🙂

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