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I dint say that. That came from my Mother! 🙂

Okay!  Mom & I are more of friends and we get into several healthy arguments on number of occasions. Few days back Mom gave her verdict – I should not have done MBA; rather I should have studied Law and resorted to court arguments!

Of course it was on a lighter note..and we laughed out loudly. Okay! During our several bouts of conversations half of the times I concede and rest of the times Mom wins! So you got the hint right..everytime she wins! 🙂  She is so very cute!

Few days back I finally won one bout of conversation! 🙂

Here it goes:

Mom: You have to go to a temple tomorrow

Me : Why?

Mom: Tomorrow is Nag Panchami

Me: Okay! So what I am supposed to do in the temple

Mom: Kuch nahin! Bas Shiv Ji ke darshan kar lena.

Me : I can offer a silent prayer to Shiv Ji from the home itself! Why do I have to go to a temple for this?

Mom: But you should go to a temple.

Me: Okay! I will go..not an issue. But give me one reason why should I visit a temple . I don’t think that God is biased towards people who go to the temples against those who remembers God but may not visit such temples.

Mom: You don’t even have anything related to God in your house…no photo..no murthi. How do you pray? Bhagwaan ko yaad karna chahiye!

Me: Yes. I do remember God..but I don’t need a photograph in my house for that. For that matter I don’t have anyone photograph in my flat. Does that mean I don’t remember or miss anyone?

Mom: Ufff!!!! You won! Why you did an MBA? You should have studied Law!

Me: Mom! You saying I won!! I cant’t believe this.

Okay! So here my treat for winning Mom…I will visit the temple tomorrow. But only tomorrow. 🙂

PS : I don’t believe in the concept of visiting temples to show our faith in God. Its my belief and I am not propogating anything as such.

PPS: I am not an atheist and I do believe in God.


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Few days back the world celebrated on the 40th anniversary of human landing on the Moon. Even I was exuberant and was wondering how Neil Armstrong would have felt when he walked the maiden step on the lunar surface. Indeed it was a significant achievement. A significant achievement for humans, a significant achievement for NASA, and most importantly a significant achievement for the Unites States of America!

But all my excitement gets mitigated when I think about the Conspiracy Theory. I never bothered to deep dive and tried to find out why there is a faction of people who believe it was nothing but a fake! But for the last few days I read a lot on this and watched a sensational documentary floated by Fox TV in 2001. This video did put me into a dilemma that whether we ever landed on the moon? Was the Apollo Moon landing fake? Was this the biggest hoax of the history?

Conspiracy theories about the Apollo missions began not long after the last astronaut returned from the moon in 1972.

Read these statistics and the polls conducted on this:

  • Twenty-five percent of respondents to a survey in the British magazine Engineering & Technology said they do not believe humans landed on the moon.
  • 1999 Gallup poll found that 6 percent of Americans doubted the Apollo 11 moon landing happened, and there is evidence that the ranks of such conspiracy theorists, fueled by innuendo-filled documentaries and the Internet, are growing.
  • Officials for Fox television stated that such skepticism increased to about 20% after the February 15, 2001 airing of that network’s TV show titled Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?, seen by approximately 15 million viewers
  • A 2005-2006 poll by Mary Lynne Dittmar, a space consultant based in Houston, Texas, found that more than a quarter of Americans 18 to 25 expressed some doubt that humans set foot on the moon.
  • A 2000 poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Fund found that 28% do not believe that American astronauts have been on the Moon

Bill Kaysing, which built rocket engines for NASA’s Apollo program, published a 1974 book, “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle.”  In the book, Kaysing argued that NASA lacked the technology in 1969 to land humans safely on the moon, that the Apollo astronauts would have been poisoned by passing through the radiation belts that ring the Earth and that NASA’s photos from the moon contained suspicious anomalies.

Well one may not believe what Kaysing theorized. But when you peek into the evidences around which he postulated this theory, it will surely set you thinking. My belief did shake when I watched the Fox TV documentary named as “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” that spotted eerie “inconsistencies” in NASA’s Apollo images and TV footage.

Lets look at few of those argument, and then you folks tell me your views on this. Do you also think that the USA managed to pull off the biggest hoax of the history!

One of the reasoning given by Kaysing is that how come there are no blast craters are visible under the landing modules. Which to me seems quite correct!!

No Blast Crater

No Blast Crater Below the Module's Descent Engines


One of the biggest evidence is the picture which shows the USA flag waving. If there is no wind and air in the Moon, then how come a flag can ripple in a breeze? Check out the below picture

The Waving Flag

The Waving Flag


How about this one? The astronaut appears bright inspite of he being in shadow.

The Atronaut appears bright inspite of being in shadow

The Atronaut appears bright inspite of being in shadow


This one needs a closer view. The argument is that the shadows intersect instead of running parallel, suggesting the presence of an unnatural light source!

Shadowsintersect rather than running parallel

Shadowsintersect rather than running parallel


Well, there are umpteen reasoning like such which made a faction of people believe that we humans never landed on the lunar surface. Well, one would be thinking then where these pictures have been clicked. The Conspiracy Theory followers justify this as well. According to them, the entire event was simulated and filmed in heavily guarded military base known as Area 51.

Now comes a very important point that even if this was a hoax, how could the US  managed to pull this off when there were so many people involved esp the astronauts. Now, strange it may sound or someone may call it is a coincidence, but there were astronauts related to this mission who died in mysterious ways! Three of them got killed when a fire swept through the capsule of Apollo 1. One of the astronauts died in a freaky car accident. One died in a plane crash. Does this mean that the US Government chose to silent the potential whistle-blowers? Might be or might be not!

So folks, what do you think now? Was this a $30 billion swindle? More importantly, did we even land on the moon?

Do check out the Fox documentary on this. It will surely startle you.

Also, for complete details (more information and more elaborated) visit the below sources:

www.en.wikipedia.org  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_Moon_landing_hoax_conspiracy_theories)



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The ABC Tag!!

I have been tagged again! Yes…tagged again!! 🙂

Shilpa tagged me to complete this ABC thingie. It is an interesting one..no doubt about it. So here it goes. Please read the rules carefully (Yes Ma’m 🙂 )!!

Now the rules:

  • Link the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules on your blog.
  • Share the ABCs of you.
  • Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
  • Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
  • Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!

So, here’s the ABC of me…

 A – Available/Single?  Single but not Available 🙂
 B – Best friend? Many (this place is too small to mention their names)
 C- Cake or Pie?  Pie
 D – Drink of choice?  Tea. Coffee. Beer.
 E – Essential item you use every day?  Liquid hand-wash Soap 😉
 F – Favorite color?  Blue, Green
 G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?  Worms..the fried one ..he he 🙂
 H – Hometown?  Ranchi. Jharkhand Zindabaad!!
 I – Indulgence?  Chocolates..loads of them
 J – January or February?  January. I love winter
 K – Kids & their names? There are so many of them..I usually forget their names. :)Jokes apart..I am yet to have one 🙂
 L – Life is incomplete without?  Smile and Love
 M – Marriage date?  31st April
 N – Number of siblings? Two
 O – Oranges or Apples?  Any day..Oranges
 P – Phobias/Fears?  Yes of course. I am afraid of infidelity as well 🙂
 Q – Quote for today? “Even if you win a rat-race, you are still a rat”
 R – Reason to smile?  Umpteen.
 S – Season?  Winters
 T – Tag 3 People?  Surely will do!
 U – Unknown fact about me? I make amazing cheese omelette!
 V – Vegetable you don’t like? Bitter Melon. Keep it away from me
 W – Worst habit? Procrastination
 X – X-rays you’ve had?    Oops!! Many..I was prone to injuries during my childhood days
 Y – Your favorite food?  Momos, Pastas, etc etc etc
 Z – Zodiac sign?  Sagittarius

As the rule says…I am tagging three folks whom I have never tagged before:

Neilina – An amazing blogger and an amazing poet! Don’t believe me..check out on your own. 🙂

Saumyakant (Mandrake) – A very good friend who launched his blog few days back!

Nishi – Another great blogger who also loves Amethyst Cafe. 🙂

Okay!!! I kinda wanna break the rules (I have been doing  these since ages)..I would surely like to tag Rani (yes! once again..she love tags).

Is there anyone else who would also like to take up this tag? Please..please take this up and lemme know 🙂

Till then..have a lovely weekend folks! 🙂

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The last weekend was eventful. The weekend passed away swiftly (as usual!), but it was indeed a worthy weekend, not wasted by simply lazing off!

I worn a creative hat on Saturday and spent the entire day at a studio working on the audio-visual to be aired on our Organization’s Annual Day celebrations. This was my first experience where I was in a studio sitting in a closed room with ultra chic Mac desktop and few impressive recording stuffs. For last few weeks, we were brain-storming, working on ideas, suggestions, etc. Now was the time to execute everything into a 3 minutes AV. It was indeed an amazing experience. I would be posting the AV next week here, and would like you folks to throw your views..of course free of cost  🙂

Okay! To give you all an idea…we picked up the Vodafone Zoozoo ads…and merged the idea of a news bulletin where a news-reader would talk about our Organization’s performance and events of last year. An individual event is linked to one of the zoozoo ads. A lot of inputs from my side…of course I fought with my team-members who were against it though :).  A good idea is always a good idea and nevertheless needs to be incorporated. 🙂

We visited the most amazing and beautiful cafe I have ever been in my life. For those who are from Chennai, would have definitely heard of this place – Amethyst Cafe! If not, then you are doomed 🙂 Thats what my friends told me few days back when I was not aware of it 🙂

Okay! This is an offer for you guyz..if anyone who would be in Chennai, then we shall meet up at Amethyst Cafe. The bill would be on me..so don’t worry about that  🙂

Amethyst is a mammoth bungalow converted to a cafe with beautiful lights spread across the boundary of the bungalow. Quiet & peaceful, this place kicks a plethora of emotions. Yes! If you would like to propose a girl (and want her to say yes!!!!) , you found the place buddy!  🙂

The weekend also had designated time slots to catch the movies (I am a movie freak..dint I tell this before!)

Saturday Late Night – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Sunday Early Morning – Harry Porter & The Half-Blood-Prince

Sunday Afternoon – The Hangover

What a weekend! I loved it!

Hello..its not finished yet. The best was saved till Sunday late evening. It rained..and it rained heavily. Not like “Cats & Dogs”..rather “Elephants & Horses” ! 🙂 Need I tell you more..I ran to the terrace. Not terrace, actually one floor above the terrace – on the top of the water tank connected with a rusty iron ladder. And I went into the titanic mode (without a gurl 😦 ) with my hands spread like wings and my face inched upwards letting the rain drops to fall directly on my face. Okay! I love rains! It just washes off any smug feelings I have and makes me cheerful.

Hot Onion Pakoras! Lip –smacking chicken kebabs! And Beer!

Two glasses down! Three down! 🙂



Bas Yaar! 😉


Image Courtesy (via Google Images)

Pic 1:  http://nishitak.wordpress.com/2009/01/22/relaxing-in-amethyst-coffee-shop-in-chennai/)

Pic 2: accidentalepicurean.com/2009/04/chennai-india/

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Edited to Add: I tried to embed the video here but in vain. Entire weekend I played with all the permutation & combination, but WP is just not accomodating to my efforts 😦  This is my last effort to upload it..hope it works this time or else please watch this video directly on youtube by clicking on the following link and come back here to post your views! 🙂


This time when sleep eluded me…I logged on to www.youtube.com to kill my boredom. I have the knack of picking up the whackiest videos, so I landed at this one 🙂

Now do watch this video. Its crazily hilarious!!

This video display an epitome of dancing skills..I have loads to say..but rather I would like to hear from you folks.

If the video is not buffering here…I am attaching the link here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYUBL4cWSO8) . Do watch it or else you would really miss something 🙂

P.S  Keep the volume high..one cant miss the song either. 🙂

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Here I finally completes the pending tags. 🙂

First tag:  “5 Lesser known things about me”  tagged by Shubh.  (Wasn’t this supposed to be “5 Things I love About Myself” ?? 🙂

Okay…one disclaimer! All the points mentioned here are true, however the fellow bloggers should not run away from my blog after reading this 🙂

1)      I keep every single SMS received for sometime (few days) whether it is a forward or a personal one. And very frequently I revisit my inbox, reads the messages and delete those which are becomes irrelevant and are absurd forwards. Due to this I bring back myself to old conversations and able to save those messages which still brings smile on my face. Today there are more than 300 messages in my inbox dated since last one year (When I bought my new phone).

I also don’t delete the sent messages immediately. However, when I am getting bored like waiting for someone..or travelling alone in a bus..I revisit the sent items and start deleting after reading. I delete every single one of them and don’t keep any messages in sent item.

Weird.  I know. I am weird! 🙂

2)      I don’t believe in visiting temples to pay homage to God. I mean. The idea of visiting temple never inspired me. It really bewilders me why people throngs to temples like Tirupati, Badri Nath, etc after facing such hardship to reach the final darshan point. Entirely my opinion. And I don’t propagate anyone not to do this. This is entirely personal to respective individuals.

Not many people know this and particularly I hide this from my Mom 🙂

 3)      I am an epitome of impatience (Okay..I exaggerated…but you got the point..right!!). I can’t wait for good things to happen. To me the adage “sabra ka phal meetha hota hai” fails to apply. And its not that I dint try to be little patient..but eventually never succeeded. But as the way I am..I never stop trying.

4)      I dunno how you folks will take this. But I have terrific (read worst) mood swings. And people who are very very close to me feel the burns of it. And I do regret it.  But…..

5)      Okay…too many negatives…lets talk about one good thing lesser known. 🙂  I cant take compliments very comfortably. I go red..sometimes behaves awkwardly. I mean, its little hard for me to accept compliment gracefully. Can’t I say that I am modest?!  🙂


Second Tag:  “Show us something but would never spend the money to buy”  tagged by Shilpa, our originator of FB Community. For those who would like to have a look as to what this FB community is..visit this place. 🙂

Okay…this one is real difficult. It real tough to bring out one thing which I aspire but would never spend the money to buy.However, I would make a sincere attempt. And trust me I am making a sincere attempt coz I have been thinking for quite some time now. 🙂

I have a fetish for glares (even though I only own two of them)! I would love to have the most expensive (horribly expensive) and the hottest Dolce & Gabbana designer sunglass..but would never buy it.

It is unbelievably priced at $383, 609. I mean..WTF!!  🙂

So here I duly completed my tags. I would like to tag this to wake up few of my fellow bloggers – definitely Ashwin, Zack, Bydegrees…….folks, where are you all?! 🙂

All my FB folks are already tagged. So I am sparing them 🙂

I would definitely like to tag Gayathri, Sheba this time. And of course, Rani. (She did the book tag amazingly fast 🙂 )

Saima…you are a busy bee now. But still I am tagging. 🙂

Indyeah..it would be great if you can take the first tag. By the way, that 15 books wala tag is pending 😦

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I have no qualms to admit that I learn from people I meet in different walks of my life. I learn from their experiences and that is how I grow. I also have no qualms to admit that I cannot be perfect and sometimes I am unable to imbibe that learning in entirety, but yes it does affect me and some of them become a part of me.

It was the same again this time. I met few people and learnt from them, but there was something which was different this time. I dint meet them in person. Rather I met them here itself, the virtual world of blogging. There have been immense learning while interacting with other bloggers, reading their thoughts and assimilating their perspective. This post of mine is about one of the learnings I picked up in this process which now I believe would be a part of me .

I follow this amazing blog aquarianlady.wordpress.com where the author, Rani, talks about her experiences. In one of her posts, she shared one incident where she did something extraordinary which influenced me to the extent that it completely redefined my perspective towards a particular thing.

Here is the gist of her post (of course you should read the original post of hers!) Wait..wait..lemme put the content as it is!!

An excerpt from her blog: (Click here to read her entire post.)

We reached half-way about and got caught in the mind-wrecking traffic jams. I was cursing the red light under my breath when I saw a young girl begging at the signal. Yes, the kinds I ache on seeing. She went from one vehicle to another. She religiously cleaned the wind-shield. At two-wheelers, she bent and wiped of the dust on the foot-rest. Not a very nice sight. Even though, my heart cries out at their plight, I never entertain them with money. I give them a bite if I have anything with me at that moment, but coins, never! And that because I have seen how mercilessly, their parents (or whoever) snatch it away from them. They do that with the food too, I know. So this girls comes to our bike and I turn away my face. She stood there for a few odd seconds and I continued to look elsewhere. The signal turned green. The guy kick started his vehicle. I turned to looks at the child, and she was going away. That’s when I realise that she hadn’t begged. She hadn’t cleaned the bike, she hadn’t opened her palm for coins, she hadn’t even said a word. Those few seconds, all she did was fiddled with my kada. I saw her smiling as she walked away. I smiled back at her. The bike just began moving but I found a still moment to snatch it off my wrist and give it to her.

Her smile brightened. My heart lightened.

(Thanks Rani..for letting me pick up the content as it is from your post. This was important coz the way you have expressed it in your own words…It couldn’t have been better! )

The elated face of this girl would have been so gratifying. This is something which she would treasure forever. She will wear it, flaunt it and whenever she will look at it, it will light her face.

Dint it trigger a thought inside you? Dint it touch your heart?

I did to me. And it did enough to change my perspective towards offering few coins and feeling good that I have indeed done one good thing today. I would never deny the fact that giving a penny to beggars (who actually in need of it) is not a good deed..sometimes the circumstances is such that you don’t have a choice.

But even if I had a choice not to give money, I still used to give coins. But this time I did it different.

Few days back, I was buying chocolates and chewing gum (one with those individual strips wrapped up individually in one pack) from one of the general stores. I found a small girl child with torn clothes and dull face walking towards me. She tugged at my arm and looked at those stuffs I just bought. Anyone could have read those eyes..it spoke with utter force what that girl is aching for. I thought of something…I gave her the chocolates and chewing gum I bought. Her eyes lightened up. The dull face was replaced with a brightened one. She was fiddling with the chewing gum pack. She finally opened it and gobbled one piece. One look at her face and I could say that she would have tasted a chewing gum for the first time. She smiled and jumped.

I walked away. I turned back. She was busy with her new found stuff. She looked up and smiled again.

That smile was indeed gratifying and it filled my heart with satisfaction.

Sometimes meeting people in person is not required to learn good things in life. Isn’t it?

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