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He had never been so nervous in his life. There was a mixed element of anxiety and joy which was making him jittery. His eyes desperately searching and his palms clasped together with impatience. Such intricacies of thoughts made him so restless that he found his brow perspiring. He dabbed the sweating forehead carefully. He muttered something to himself.

Its been several years now. He still remembered her last touch. Would she still be so beautiful, he wondered. Then he smiled. She was the most beautiful woman he ever witnessed. Her dark black eyes were truly captivating. How few of her hair strands used to fall across her face making her look even more tempting. He vividly remembered when they first held hands together.

A tinge of irritation flashed across his face when he thought of the humiliation he faced. He was prohibited to meet her solely on the reason he was not minting money. He vouched himself he will make millions of money and will come back to her. She assured him that she will wait forever and decided to meet again at this same place. “I will be waiting for you forever my love” was the last statement he heard from her.

He shuddered when such a plethora of emotion reverberated in his heart. He composed himself. His eyes now fixed at the entrance. The day has finally come, the time has finally arrived. She would be here at any moment. The sense of achievement that he fulfilled his promise was invigorating.

And then he saw her walking at the entrance. His heart-beat skipped. Time stood still. She looked incredibly beautiful. He could feel the wave of emotions originating inside him. He tried calling her but found his voice getting dried. He stammered. He fumbled. She was looking all around, her eyes searching for him.

He realized he was staring at her incredible face and have not called her yet. And then something hit his eyes. At first he couldn’t figure it out. A more closer and focussed look, he was devastated. It hit him with so much intensity that he found himself trembling. It took him sometime to realize the reality.

With a heavy heart he turned back. Before leaving that place, he glanced back to get a last look of her. “She was the most beautiful thing ever happened to me”, he mumbled with moist eyes.  He struggled to fight back the tears. It was too late now. Even the tears betrayed him.


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