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Its like coming back home after ages. This is my own place, my own world. The feeling is strange because I had the option to be here but still chose to stay away. Reason – I don’t know. Its just that never felt the urge to come back here.

Thank you so much Shas, Rani, Niliema and others for dropping in and asked me to come back. Frankly it feels nice when someone wants to read what you write. Someone whom we have never met, never spoke but still knows that there is definitely an element of friendship, a tinge of acquaintance and that means a lot to me.

Lately I have not been writing nor visiting my favorite blogs. After a while I stopped even checking my blog stats; something I have been so obsessed with when I started blogging. Strange it is, but now the numbers of blog hits are so insignificant. What is significant are comments below and once again I thank you everyone.

A lot has changed over these five months since I posted my last post. A lot! I have finally settled in everyway possible here. Work has been so hectic that it takes away almost 15 hours of the day. Weekends are just left with chores, coking food, completing pending works. Don’t get me worng..I am not complaining at all. I am glad that I got this opportunity. I learnt cooking, I learnt to be more self dependent. And the feeling is amazing when you know that you have started doing things which you never thought you will be. Meeting with so many people from various cultures is truly an experience. It changes the way you see things in life.

I am still not sure how frequent I will be here but I can say that it feels great to be at your own place. My thoughtworld!


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