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Finally the much much pending trip to Tirupati was duly completed. I was supposed to visit the temple after receiving my first salary, which was long way dated back to July 2007. Just to alleviate my procrastinated attitude, I kept saying to myself that you can’t visit these places until “The One” above wants you to.

And I was paid back equally for my procrastination. What a fateful day we decided to visit the temple. It took us for more than 10 long hours to finally get a glimpse of the deity. Can you beat that!!!!! 10 long hours in queue. I don’t know to whom I can attribute this experience – me, the travel company, the tirupati management, the day we chose to visit, etc etc.

I know there is no point blaming anyone. Its just that you happen to be that time to experience this. But without any second thoughts I would like to put down my thoughts on the way the temple manages the devotees for the darshan. I have been to many other places where uncountable devotees throng the temple. No matter the crowd is beyond manageable, still people move in queue even though in a moribund way. But the point id they keep moving. Alas!!!! In tirupati, after moving in queue for three hours, we were ushered in a hall and were locked. Add to the horror, it was told that we will be allowed for the darshan after 12 hours!!!! This was not enough for them, and they added that the hall will be locked!!!! What an idiotic way to manage the crowd!! You be in queue and keep moving for darshan, I simply fail to understand the concept of storing the devotees in a hall like herds and sanding them in lots. This is not enough, as they will stop the entire crowd, if there is so called our “great politicians” visit the temple. You have it baby!!!! Another one hour to already horrified basket of waiting and waiting.

There was no security check at all till the time you enter the temple. That means for around 9 hours there were not a single security check!!! I mean, not at the time even when devotees starts getting into the queue. Wow, hats off to the management…seems they need to protect the gold in the golden temple from a terror attack and leave aside the fact that the terrorist can attack where the maximum damage can happen. I can go on yapping and yapping about the epitome of mismanagement, but I would drop it at this juncture itself. But whatsoever, I will too end up saying what everyone says…no matter what..I get a chance to had a good darshan atleast…and everything is okay if the daran is okay…u know…!!!!


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