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I am back now after fighting the severe bout of viral. 🙂 If only viral made my life miserable, the doctor made it even worse! I wonder whether he was even a doctor or not. Initially he din’t recommend any medicine and then to his embarrassment I asked him “Where is the doctor as I would like to meet the doctor”. Then he started the normal process check.

I was very worried due to the swine flu thingie but thankfully the symptoms were none. Then this doctor gave me some real high dosage paracetamol tablets. I was apprehensive but then I chose to believe this doctor. My fever went away in two days..but the impact of medicine is still visible after 4 days. The medicine reacted and I am still reeling under the reaction. But yes it is much much better today!

The irony is that I visited one of the biggest hospitals in Chennai and such is the situation that they dont have proper doctors! Or was he just a junior attendant and posed himself as a doctor!!


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I asked one friend of mine “What are your thoughts on the concept of unisex salon?”
She responded that she is little uncomfortable.

Another female friend of mine just loves this concept.

Well, I am too much amused and fascinated with the concept of unisex salon! Imagine an incredibly beautiful girl with all wet hair sitting next to me getting a manicure done. Oh! She was actually sitting next to me. On the right side was a foreigner female going crazy with her new hair style.

The moment I looked at her, she smiled. Pat came the question “How does my new hair style look?” I grinned and my answer would have made her day. 🙂 Then I heard a girl asking too many questions and of course asking for discounts using the same stale statement – “I am your regular customer”. She was driving everyone nuts!

I was waiting for the hair-dresser to attend me. While he was arranging the equipments, I looked around the salon. The interiors were tastefully done with goddess look like model posters pasted creatively all around. The expensive cosmetic stuffs neatly arranged..plush sofa-set..stylo hair dressers! I really enjoyed the luxury, the ambience there.

I just went into my imagination. I and my gurl will come together. Before getting my hair cut, I will ask her – Do you want my hair to be short, honey? Or should I keep it medium?

Or rather it will be other way around, as females throw unlimited questions and would only like to hear the answers they want to hear! Whatever it would be, what fascinated me is the idea of going together, seating next to each other. Something which was not possible few years back when such unisex salon was a distant dream.

My day-dreaming was broken by the hair-dresser asking me whether to cut it short or keep it medium. I smiled. I smiled retiring with a last thought- if my gurl would want to have an expensive and luxury spa…I would then drop the idea of going together!!! 🙂

What are your thoughts on unisex salon? Are you little bit uncomfortable? Or your thoughts are similar as mine?

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The last weekend was eventful. The weekend passed away swiftly (as usual!), but it was indeed a worthy weekend, not wasted by simply lazing off!

I worn a creative hat on Saturday and spent the entire day at a studio working on the audio-visual to be aired on our Organization’s Annual Day celebrations. This was my first experience where I was in a studio sitting in a closed room with ultra chic Mac desktop and few impressive recording stuffs. For last few weeks, we were brain-storming, working on ideas, suggestions, etc. Now was the time to execute everything into a 3 minutes AV. It was indeed an amazing experience. I would be posting the AV next week here, and would like you folks to throw your views..of course free of cost  🙂

Okay! To give you all an idea…we picked up the Vodafone Zoozoo ads…and merged the idea of a news bulletin where a news-reader would talk about our Organization’s performance and events of last year. An individual event is linked to one of the zoozoo ads. A lot of inputs from my side…of course I fought with my team-members who were against it though :).  A good idea is always a good idea and nevertheless needs to be incorporated. 🙂

We visited the most amazing and beautiful cafe I have ever been in my life. For those who are from Chennai, would have definitely heard of this place – Amethyst Cafe! If not, then you are doomed 🙂 Thats what my friends told me few days back when I was not aware of it 🙂

Okay! This is an offer for you guyz..if anyone who would be in Chennai, then we shall meet up at Amethyst Cafe. The bill would be on me..so don’t worry about that  🙂

Amethyst is a mammoth bungalow converted to a cafe with beautiful lights spread across the boundary of the bungalow. Quiet & peaceful, this place kicks a plethora of emotions. Yes! If you would like to propose a girl (and want her to say yes!!!!) , you found the place buddy!  🙂

The weekend also had designated time slots to catch the movies (I am a movie freak..dint I tell this before!)

Saturday Late Night – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Sunday Early Morning – Harry Porter & The Half-Blood-Prince

Sunday Afternoon – The Hangover

What a weekend! I loved it!

Hello..its not finished yet. The best was saved till Sunday late evening. It rained..and it rained heavily. Not like “Cats & Dogs”..rather “Elephants & Horses” ! 🙂 Need I tell you more..I ran to the terrace. Not terrace, actually one floor above the terrace – on the top of the water tank connected with a rusty iron ladder. And I went into the titanic mode (without a gurl 😦 ) with my hands spread like wings and my face inched upwards letting the rain drops to fall directly on my face. Okay! I love rains! It just washes off any smug feelings I have and makes me cheerful.

Hot Onion Pakoras! Lip –smacking chicken kebabs! And Beer!

Two glasses down! Three down! 🙂



Bas Yaar! 😉


Image Courtesy (via Google Images)

Pic 1:  http://nishitak.wordpress.com/2009/01/22/relaxing-in-amethyst-coffee-shop-in-chennai/)

Pic 2: accidentalepicurean.com/2009/04/chennai-india/

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Saturday night. Nope. Saturday very very late night. Rather Sunday early morning. Its drizzling. Cool Breeze. And a serene night.

Best time to light a nicotine stick. The moment I lit it up, a thought came in my mind. When did I take my first puff?The day when I gave my IIFT entrance (which was such a disaster), I was sitting outside the exam centre with my friend. He lit up one and I asked for it. Just out of curiosity..u know!!

Oh! I thought..lets do this! Take one drag and let your mind loose and wander, and see what thoughts comes to your mind randomly. Cool. Right..huh!! So lets see.

 Second drag. The day I landed in Delhi for my graduation. What a feeling it was! This was the opportunity for me. Where I will go? What I will do? Which college I will get into? Thousand things were rummaging my mind.

Third drag. My first job as a call centre executive in one of the leading BPOs in Gurgaon. This job taught me so many things which I carry till date in my life. It showed me back, what I was and there was so much to be done to improve myself.

Third one. My hostel days. Why I bothered my parents so much to put me into boarding?! I still wonder!

 Fourth. Thinking about parents; Its been almost 13 years now I am staying away from my home due to my studies and work. 13 years.,and the years will keep adding. I am so lucky to have them, who have sacrificed so much to find me where I am today. I think, I would be visiting home soon.

 Fifth. Its been so long I had not heard her voice.

 Sixth drag. I should only think about good things. There are so many good things happened with me. I am a happy guy!

 Seventh & the last one. Why the hell it finished off so early!! Seems like its time to hit the bed. 🙂

 This is weird. But that’s me. The silent night sets this kind of weird things…you know!

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So finally it rained yesterday! There was indeed a big respite from the hot blistering Chennai’s summer. We were on a team outing at GRT Temple Bay in Mahabalipuram. While returning to Chennai, it started pouring heavily. The downpour was such that we were not able to see the road clearly. Subsequently we had to take a halt on the roadside.

And then my so called “devil-mind” ignited some mischievous thoughts. What the hell we were doing sitting inside the car. I told everyone that let just jump out and witness the torrential downpour. Everybody got excited and there we were – dancing and rejoicing under the rain in the middle of the road.

 I always enjoy getting drenched under the summer’s rain. It gives an extraordinary sense of freedom and happiness, a feeling which is inexplicable. For some moment, you tend to shed off any poignant feeling you have or had. The showers hitting your face, the goose-bumps from sudden chill, and the water dripping down- I mean everything is so ordinary yet so amazing.

Then we headed slowly to one of the chai-wallah shop. One of the best things after getting drenched in rain is the deadly combination of a chai and soo-tta ! This is something which is a must do activity post the rain shower. Ah!! Some great moments I have been looking forward to in Chennai, and was duly achieved. After a long-long time, Chennai was cool and yes ofcourse, me being cooler 🙂 !

I had to say, I revisited my best days in Delhi. Summer rains in Delhi were always powerful, thunderous and a continuous downpour. We were always joined by our neighbourhood Bhaiya & Bhabhi with hand-smacking hot pakoras and chai at our disposal :). The bonus being the pretty females rejoicing at their terrace bang opposite our apartment, and throwing loads of signs at each other! This line-maa-ro-ing gave us enough incentive to keep standing under the rain, until their mother also join them only to figure out the real mischief and whisking them back inside the house 😦

Thats what summer rain brings to me – it makes me happy!!  Any partners in this crime..eh?!

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