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I am still alive ;)

I had been contemplating for a long time to get back here.  I mean “really long time”. It is like coming back home.  The first thing I did was to scroll through all my previous posts and comments. Truly Nostalgic!! Friends I made here and now I feel how much I missed all your thoughts and writings.

Well..a lot has changed in these two years..I have been happily married (yes…happily married is not a myth)…got a couple of promotions…have definitely become wiser..and yes more responsible of course …travelled so many places..tried so many different things…some good some bad experiences.

Parents visiting this summers from India. Finally they will take their maiden foreign visit and I am glad my wife and I are able to work out their visas and travel plan. Looking forward to spending some quality family time together.

What else…yes…have gained weight…and now actively working out to cut out that flab as we look forward to hitting the beaches this summers.

Hope everyone is having a great time and sun is always shining bright in their life. I miss you guys, but I dint miss out on reading your scribbling. Adios!


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