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I was just wondering whether life follows a particular pattern in terms of sorrows and joys. Is it like a wave where one phase is a trough and the next phase is the crest?! Well, barring the extreme cases, this high and low runs in a pattern. But what bewilders me is the longevity of the one. I have never been so thoughtful about my life in terms of this so called as “good phase” and “bad phase”. But my recent experiences with life have eventually propelled me to think about this. The erratic and not so good happening in life which I could have never even imagined is keeping pace with me since a long time now. I think by this time I should have become immune to these mishaps. Its just keep coming continuously – sometimes in sequence and sometimes in lots. Huh!! To aggravate this disdainful fact, even the professional front is not behind in pulling me down. I end up becoming a prey and being gobbled up in this corporate politics. Nothing seems to be moving right for me in my workplace as well. One day while discussing with one of my colleague about the career growth and the concerns I perceive, he gave me the “Survival Mantra”.

I thought a lot on this and was not sure I could do this because I have never been such kind of person. The mantra was to wait and have patience. There are some phases in life, where the more you try the more you get bogged down. We need to be little patience during these times and wait for that one golden opportunity to knock at our door. I am a person who is very aggressive in my work, I cant wait for good things to happen, rather I would take up a stand and make things better. I have always been impatient for my work to get recognized, for me to get recognized. But in last few months, my attempts backfired and put me one step behind everytime when I vehemently tried to make my way out. So, I realized the wait and watch mantra is truly applicable now and I should follow it. But yes, I will not stop trying….no matter if I fail number of times. I will soon get my one chance of success.

I abhor the fact that I am keeping my life in the hands of destiny and wait for things to come. But sometimes this works. I hope it will work for me. This phase is one of my biggest learning phase, accepting the other sides of life, handle things without getting withered away, learn from the experiences and most importantly learn the SURVIVING SKILLS!!!!


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I was going to Chennai Central by this local metro train one day. I-pod plugged into my ear and looking outside the window watching the stations passing-by. Was thinking about my life and humming the song sub-consciously. I have this strange habit of thinking about my life whenever I am in a train and sitting by the window looking outside.

Something distracted my sub-conscious humming which led me to another world of thoughts. A loud and cheering noise in the compartment caught my attention. There was a group of college going teenage crowd laughing, shouting and closely knit together. I smiled looking at them, and thought I ahve never been so alone in my life. Its been not even a year and half I am out of college and entered in the Corporate World, and it seems I am working since so long and have outgrown this college thingie attitude.

How ironical it may sound, but I am sure everyoen would have gone through this phase. When we were in MBA, we were dying hard to get a job and start working as soon as possible. The dream to make money to realize those hidden materialistic dreams within us…the dream to show the world that we are the best!!!! And now when we are into this world, how we crib about the current life, how much we feel what an amazing days were those, how much we want to go back and relive those days.

Seeing those carefree guyz and girls….it made me so nostalgic…I wish I could go back to my same college days.

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