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There was a dream and there was an ambition. A dream since my childhood, a dream which I nurtured over a long period of time. When I would share this dream with you all, one may say whats a big deal about this. But deep down in my heart I know how important this moment is for me. And I believe that what matters. Isn’t it?!

I am relocating to the US!
Today I am flying off to this wonderful country. At this juncture I am not thinking that how long I would stay there! May be one year..may be more or may be even less than one year. But what makes me happy is that I am going for something good.

That’s why such a long break..to meet parents, sisters, cousins and friends.

The blogging may become infrequent or may be dead for sometime. But once I am settled there..I will be back. Yes, but what would not be affected is keeping tab of all my regular blogs which I follow..even if there would be no comments in the comment box! 🙂

Last few days have been really hectic. The packing, preparations, phone calls and shopping just killed me. And if this was not enough..I had to unpack and then repack due to baggage weight issues 😦

It’s a new start for me..a new journey which was much required to recollect myself. Hope I do well in this new endeavor of mine!


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A thought…a line..and a truth!!

“For every time I loved you and for every time I thought of not loving you anymore, I now realise that you were never mine. It started from me; it is getting over at me.”

PS. Read it somewhere long time back..dont remember the source. At that moment I saved it on my machine..which was around 6 months back. Found this while clearing my documents and files.

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 So here I am..back again! Apology is definitely due for not responding to your beautiful comments on a timely basis and of course missing out on loads of your new posts. Meanwhile, I witnessed my blog is apparently dead as the hits went down to a single digit! However, I believe this would go for sometime more. I would be little infrequent for sometime, but of course I have a good reason behind that and you shall soon know. 🙂

I am back to the same mundane office after a two-week break. And believe me no matter how long is the break; I feel I need another break. J Such is life and so I am.  

The entire trip was simply amazing. Delhi had been a blast. All the memories were back again…campus days..old friends..roadside paranthas at 2’0 clock in the morning..ravishing and incredibly beautiful females! Delhi is undoubtedly the best! The city is undergoing a lot of change and one would find a lot of construction happening around.

Then there was a small trip to Agra to meet my sister. Agra trip ended with loads of beer with my brother-in-law and an amazing fun time with family. Then I had a weeklong stay at my home town with parents. Chilling out, relaxing, and gobbling home-made food! The time spent with parents is always wonderful. This trip was little special as I gifted a bottle of Jack Daniels to Dad! Few years back I couldn’t even think of it. 🙂

Time passed and it was the time to land at Kolkata. The city is still the same in every way. Same traffic snarls, same taxis, same way of driving which literally kills people! But whatever may be the case, this city has its own charm. I love Kolkata for its variety of food. Some of my favourite eating places are in Kolkata. So I had to dine at Flurry’s, Bar-B-Q (Park Street) and Azad Hind Dhaba. Roadside chai served in kulhad (cup made of clay), daal-ka-vada, paav bhaaji…and the list is endless. Kolkata trip was special as I met another sister and a very close friend.

And then I landed back to Chennai. This time rather than flying I chose to travel by train from Kolkata. A long journey indeed but I was able to catch some good sleep and a quality time to read a book at my leisure.

This should not be missed. At one of the station named as Vijaywada, my bogey halted outside a public convenience. I noticed a very funny board which proudly boasted the price list for different activities. Here was the detail:

Urinal – 50 paise

Lavatory –  Rs. 1

Both –  Rs. 2

I was wondering why that “BOTH” was added!!! 🙂 Any answers?! 🙂

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So I got extremely lucky this month with two amazing and beautiful bloggers awarding this “not-so-great” blog of mine :).

If I be honest and make a confession here..when I started blogging and used to read blogs with numerous awards,  I always wondered would I be getting any one of those! And believe me I never thought that there would be few amazing people around who would not only read these expressions of mine but also nominate me for such lovely awards. I am honored!

My sincere thanks to Nishi for nominating me for such a creative award – “The Zombie Chicken Award”!  It was indeed a wonderful surprise.


“The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words.

As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all.”

Damn creative na?! So here I choose (of course wisely) the following lovely bloggers for this award:

Neilina from  Sunset – Just a Rusted Sunrise

Indyeah from Consider it Crashed

IHM from The Life & Times of an Indian Homemaker

Gayathri from Passing Clouds

Shoobhayan from Twisted Insanities

Sakshi from Whims & Realities

A good round of applause for the winners! 😀

By the way, I would have surely nominated Shilpa, but she is already boombarded with numerous awards..and yes..she received this award as well!!

One more blogger who produces amazing content has already been nominated for this award by Shilpa. Yes..Pawan..I am talking about you mate. 🙂

Now comes the second set of awards. (Yes I got two awards :)). This is from a blogger who is simply outstanding and in short span of time she has become one of the most popular blogger in the blogspehere. Thanks Shilpa for this wonderful award. It really matters! 🙂 I am so very happy and honored to receive this award.


Humane as being characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion; marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns.

So once again, its time for a big round of clap for the following bloggers who received this lovely award:

UL  from Diaries

Saima from Insanity Incorporated

Rani from Susurrus of my Soul

Ashwin from The Carnival of Rust

Shas from Scribblings on the Wall

Zack from My Oh My!


Sheba from Rambler

There is one blogger whom I wanted to nominate for this award but she has already been nominated by Shilpa. Yes Nishi…it would be great if you can consider this award from my side as well.

Thats all friends. Congratulations on receiving such wonderful awards! 🙂

Kindly accept these awards and keep writing!

You are also requested to

1. Accept and post the award on your blog.
2. Link to the person from whom you received it.
3. Pass the award to 5 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment.
4. Let them know they’ve been chosen for this award.

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I asked one friend of mine “What are your thoughts on the concept of unisex salon?”
She responded that she is little uncomfortable.

Another female friend of mine just loves this concept.

Well, I am too much amused and fascinated with the concept of unisex salon! Imagine an incredibly beautiful girl with all wet hair sitting next to me getting a manicure done. Oh! She was actually sitting next to me. On the right side was a foreigner female going crazy with her new hair style.

The moment I looked at her, she smiled. Pat came the question “How does my new hair style look?” I grinned and my answer would have made her day. 🙂 Then I heard a girl asking too many questions and of course asking for discounts using the same stale statement – “I am your regular customer”. She was driving everyone nuts!

I was waiting for the hair-dresser to attend me. While he was arranging the equipments, I looked around the salon. The interiors were tastefully done with goddess look like model posters pasted creatively all around. The expensive cosmetic stuffs neatly arranged..plush sofa-set..stylo hair dressers! I really enjoyed the luxury, the ambience there.

I just went into my imagination. I and my gurl will come together. Before getting my hair cut, I will ask her – Do you want my hair to be short, honey? Or should I keep it medium?

Or rather it will be other way around, as females throw unlimited questions and would only like to hear the answers they want to hear! Whatever it would be, what fascinated me is the idea of going together, seating next to each other. Something which was not possible few years back when such unisex salon was a distant dream.

My day-dreaming was broken by the hair-dresser asking me whether to cut it short or keep it medium. I smiled. I smiled retiring with a last thought- if my gurl would want to have an expensive and luxury spa…I would then drop the idea of going together!!! 🙂

What are your thoughts on unisex salon? Are you little bit uncomfortable? Or your thoughts are similar as mine?

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Ek…do…teen!!! :)

Shilpa from “A rose is a rose is a rose!” tagged me to do this.

If life could be defined in numbers this is what my life would appear to be.

Okay! It looked easy when I read it here…and I realized how difficult it was when I started doing it. Trust me..it took so much of time…gosh! I wonder who comes up with such novel tags!

1 Life to live every single moment. I don’t believe in the concept of seven lives.

2 Heart-breaks. Yes..actually! But I am still strong 🙂

3 Best years of my life spent in Delhi.

4 Eyes I need to see things clearly. Yes! I wear specs. Not many know!

5 is the best number for me. At any given point of time..I would like to choose 5 as a number. No reason..bas yun hi! We are a family of five..Mom, Dad and two elder sisters.

6 years I stayed in hostel eating the same rice and daal every single day.

7 reminds me of 7th Standard when I failed in two subjects. Actually failing would be an understatement. I failed miserably in both subjects scoring single digit out of 100.

8 is my birthday number. 8th December

9 pairs of sexy blue denims I own! Proud owner indeed! 🙂

 10 hours of minimum work everyday 😦 (Okay..this 10 number was a desperate attempt..It took hell lot of time to attach something significant to it!)

So folks…are you ready to take this up? Well..don’t run..I have 3 more tags pending! 🙂

Without any further thinking..let me tag first the tag lovers.I tag Rani , Neilima, Nishi. Then..lemme shake up my few folks who are in deep slumber for quite sometime now..Ashwin. (you better do this!), Zack (He is the tag buddy), Gayathri (there is one pending..so this is to pressurise you more :)), Soumya (The Mandrake Man!).

For those I have not tagged..dont be happy..you all will be tagged soon! 🙂

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I dint say that. That came from my Mother! 🙂

Okay!  Mom & I are more of friends and we get into several healthy arguments on number of occasions. Few days back Mom gave her verdict – I should not have done MBA; rather I should have studied Law and resorted to court arguments!

Of course it was on a lighter note..and we laughed out loudly. Okay! During our several bouts of conversations half of the times I concede and rest of the times Mom wins! So you got the hint right..everytime she wins! 🙂  She is so very cute!

Few days back I finally won one bout of conversation! 🙂

Here it goes:

Mom: You have to go to a temple tomorrow

Me : Why?

Mom: Tomorrow is Nag Panchami

Me: Okay! So what I am supposed to do in the temple

Mom: Kuch nahin! Bas Shiv Ji ke darshan kar lena.

Me : I can offer a silent prayer to Shiv Ji from the home itself! Why do I have to go to a temple for this?

Mom: But you should go to a temple.

Me: Okay! I will go..not an issue. But give me one reason why should I visit a temple . I don’t think that God is biased towards people who go to the temples against those who remembers God but may not visit such temples.

Mom: You don’t even have anything related to God in your house…no photo..no murthi. How do you pray? Bhagwaan ko yaad karna chahiye!

Me: Yes. I do remember God..but I don’t need a photograph in my house for that. For that matter I don’t have anyone photograph in my flat. Does that mean I don’t remember or miss anyone?

Mom: Ufff!!!! You won! Why you did an MBA? You should have studied Law!

Me: Mom! You saying I won!! I cant’t believe this.

Okay! So here my treat for winning Mom…I will visit the temple tomorrow. But only tomorrow. 🙂

PS : I don’t believe in the concept of visiting temples to show our faith in God. Its my belief and I am not propogating anything as such.

PPS: I am not an atheist and I do believe in God.

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